Meditation for VCE Students

Meditation nourishes students’ emotional and mental health

Our Quiet Minds meditation course assists Year 10 and VCE students to have a smoother journey as they deal with the pressure to succeed at school – and in life.

When students develop emotional resilience, they skillfully cope with their studies, exams and peer pressure. Being calm and balanced helps teenagers to act rather than react during challenging situations, and make good decisions and life choices.


  • Mindfulness moments to quieten your mind
  • Stress busters to feel calmer
  • Easy meditations to balance your mind, body and emotions
  • Body scanning to release physical tension
  • Relaxation for ‘letting go’ of stress
  • Creative visualisations to create your goals
  • Affirmations for feeling good about yourself


  • Feel calmer and happier
  • A clearer mind and more focused
  • Improve memory
  • Better at dealing with stress
  • Understand and manage emotions
  • More creative and positive
  • Feel healthier and sleep better

Quiet Minds can be adapted to suit a school’s requirements and timetable. Or friends can come together after school or at weekends to do the course.

Our Meditation for Beginners course is also suitable for VCE students.

Thank you so much for the fantastic course. I learnt a lot and want to use the techniques during my last couple of years at school.
HANNAH, VCE student


Contact us if you have any questions or wish to make a booking
We look forward to sharing the meditation journey with you