Stop procrastinating – start meditating

“I prefer to go out to lunch on Mondays,” the woman said, with a sigh, when she heard about the starting date for a morning meditation course.

In the lead up to this remark, she had told me she was so stressed and outlined all that had been happening in her life.

Of course, the caller needed to decide what suited her best though she could also reflect what was more important to her – socialising or her health.

I felt that a six-week meditation course would assist her to deal with life with greater peace, clarity and insight. With this in mind, I gently suggested that she may have time for both meditation and lunch on the one day but she insisted that this wouldn’t work because she liked discovering new restaurants away from suburban Melbourne.

Such a scenario is quite common – people feeling anxious and overwhelmed by life’s challenges and then declaring that they don’t have the time to create changes unless it suits their weekly schedule. However, life is about the choices people make and where their priorities lie.

Often they are so busy ‘doing’ that they never connect with the deep quietness within to gain new insights and really discover themselves as they nurture their body, mind and soul. This can be done through various practices like meditation, yoga or tai chi.

Three tips for creating space to bring meditation into your life

1. Make an appointment with yourself… At one of my courses, a management consultant would schedule her weekly one-hour meditation class into her diary.

Making a specific time for meditation is similar to putting aside a particular time to see a doctor or attend a meeting.

2. But, I don’t have enough time… It seems as though life can be quite a whirl of busyness. However, the benefits of learning meditation far outweigh the time it takes.

During meditation your heart rate slows, blood pressure lowers and your body, mind and emotions are in balance. And, afterwards, you tend to feel relaxed, alert and happier.

When you feel that you are flowing through life rather than being driven by life, you achieve so much more … and this makes you feel as though you have more time in your day.

3. How about some self-love?… Whatever you may be seeking or searching for in life, meditation enables you to connect with yourself and tap into the source of your ideas, passion for life and intuition.

From the quiet nurturing space, you emerge feeling good about yourself and seeing life differently.

Learning to meditate is a beautiful way to honour yourself and reconnect with life with greater clarity and insight.

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