Essential Oils

For a natural approach to your health and wellbeing create your own fragrant therapies using essential oils – it is easy and the results are amazing!

Interested in using doTERRA oils?

The selection of essential oils available for purchase are based on those that I enjoy using.

“I like using essential oils because they are natural, non-toxic and effective – it is reassuring to have an alternative to chemical-based products. I use essential oils to balance the body’s chakras (energy centres), enhance emotional and physical health, and create clean energy in my meditation studio and home.”

Pure essential oils – doTERRA

Essential oils are aromatic liquid substances extracted from certain species of flowers, grasses, fruits and trees.

They work on all levels of your being – cellular, physically, emotionally, spiritually and aesthetically.

I use doTERRA essential oils because of their superior quality – they are certified as a pure therapeutic grade.

Some doTERRA essential oils can be used medicinally or as flavouring, and also cosmetically – without the nasty toxins. Most of the essential oils can also be used aromatically and topically (usually diluted in a base oil).

Each single essential oil can be used for many different purposes.

From the beginning

The use of essential oils has its beginnings back in ancient times. The ancient Egyptians and Chinese were believed to be masters of the use of aromatic plants for healing.

The scientific study of the therapeutic properties of essential oils was started by French cosmetic chemist, Rene-Maurice Gatterfose in the 1920s. After badly burning his arm, he thrust it into the nearest cold liquid – this happened to be a tub of lavender oil. To his surprise, the pain decreased considerably and his wound healed quickly, without any scarring. After this incident, he focused on researching the healing properties of nature’s essential oils.