Send love and peace to the world

Most days I hesitate to hear the news. The various scenarios appear to be challenging the world in many ways.

I won’t catalogue the chain of events – I am sure the actions of individuals and the turbulence of nature are familiar to you. I feel that mentioning them only intensifies the energies of the actions and events. Am I being naive? Perhaps?

In all that is happening, I wish to remain centred within. I don’t wish to be caught up in the dramas and add to the ┬áreactions of anger, anxiety and turmoil, heated discussions about right and wrong, and feelings of loss and helplessness. Even writing these words I feel my body tense slightly.

Each time I hear about an incident I dip into my heart and send out feelings of peace and love. And I think how wonderful it would be if everyone changed their focus – to send healing words of love and peace to decision-makers, people in need and our planet.

As I write I am reminded of a wonderful quote from Mother Teresa…’I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally I’ll be there.’

She is referring to the energies of a collective consciousness where the focus is on the word ‘peace’ rather than compounding the situation of war (as in an anti-war rally) – and, in this way, people help to create the change they wish to see in the world.

Then there is the experience by sound healer Ashana during the 2012 Hurricane Sandy. Ashana and her husband were staying with friends who were worried about the effect of the hurricane on their established and newly-planted arbour of trees. They were advised to connect to the spirit of the trees so they chanted to each tree ‘to bend and sway and send down their roots deep into the earth’.

The next morning all the trees on their friends’ property were intact but on adjoining land, trees had been uprooted and broken, and power lines were down.

You can also help to create healing by sitting in the stillness of meditation and nurturing yourself with love and peace – and then sending out these waves of love and peace into the world.

During the day, I often stop for a few minutes ┬áto do just that – I hope you will too.