Drift Into Sleep CD


Drift into Sleep comprises three gentle meditations that enable you to relax your body and calm your mind as you ease into sleep.

Relax your body and mind
The guided meditations in Drift into Sleep are backed by soft flowing music, enabling you to easily relax and ‘let go’ of your day.

The key to dissolving thoughts whirling through your mind at night is to connect with your breath, your body and the sensory perceptions that surround you – these are the concepts you experience in Drift into Sleep.

The meditations are perfect to use when you first go to bed, wake during the night or anytime during the day when you want to nurture yourself.

Drift into Sleep is part of Qantas inflight entertainment for international flights.

~ Available as a CD or on a USB. Indicate your preference when ordering. ~

Three beautiful guided meditations

The meditations on Drift into Sleep are:

  • Relaxing – a soothing meditation that enables you to completely ‘let go’ of your day
  • Softening – a gentle meditation inviting you to relax and appreciate all that your body does for you every day
  • Floating – a creative visualisation that nurtures you on a journey to a peaceful place
I love this CD - it has put me to sleep more times than I can remember on long-haul flights with Qantas. - BEN, company director
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