My wish for you in 2021

I had a low blog profile last year. A lot was written about COVID-19 and ways to cope, and I felt I didn’t need to add my voice.

My prompt for writing now came after hearing two comments that made me wonder how you are viewing 2021.

A woman I chatted with in an outdoor dining area in a small country town wondered what 2020 had taught us. A week later, an acquaintance declared the she couldn’t wait for 2020 to be over.

Last year was incredibly challenging in many aspects and for many people. Of course, elsewhere in the world, fear and loss of life still grip many countries.

From a spiritual perspective, challenges can be seen as gifts that help you to learn and grow. When you reflect on the past year, did some positive things emerge for you?

Here are a few of my happenings that come to mind…

At home I looked at the meals I created – for I love cooking – and I often declared aloud, ‘we are so abundant’. In the next moment, I thought: ‘how lucky I am’.

My home is filled with natural light. Each time I walked past a window, I was drawn to the trees and colourful plants outside. Switching the negative dial by focusing on what you have creates feelings of contentment and gratitude.

On my birthday I started making lunch at 10.30am and we ate almost four hours later. I wasn’t making a feast or following a difficult recipe. I was drawn off track by some friends phoning me and they had time to chat. Being at home meant slowing down, thinking of others and keeping in touch regularly to show, ‘I’m here for you’.

My neighbours who are much younger than me would phone to check if I needed anything. Out walking, I talked with people, who have lived in the immediate neighbourhood for years, but I had never met them before. Each connection enveloped me in kindness and care and I felt part of a community.

All were small, everyday happenings but they are memorable – not because they are newsworthy but because they touched my heart.

Your inner reality is shaped and influenced by your values, beliefs, attitudes and experiences in your outer world.

When your heart is peaceful and open, you approach the external world in the same way, and view any turmoil with greater understanding and insight.

You may not like what is happening but when you are unable to change the circumstances, then you may like to choose to be kind to yourself, show acceptance and focus on the good in your life.

Of course, I am excluding instances when your values and personal safety are threatened. And, it isn’t about telling yourself to be positive – it is about actually feeling the goodness and happiness or whatever the emotion may be. Feel the emotion in your heart or flowing through all layers of your being.

Also, be aware that when you change your inner energies, these encircle the lives of people you spend time with. In turn, their life energies are stimulated and they create change, perhaps without them even wondering how it happened.

As you go through 2021 decide how you would like your inner world to be.

You cannot change whatever dramas are portrayed in news bulletins. However, you are in charge of how you step out into your world each day, and what you think, say and do.

As for 2021, I wish you what I experienced last year – abundance, gratitude, kindness, care and love – and everything that nourishes your heart and soul, and allows your inner light to shine brightly.

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