How do you feed your soul?

I was finishing a private session with a client struggling with a cancer diagnosis and unable to stop his chattering mind, especially in the quiet of the night.

Lying on the yoga mat after a deep relaxation, he placed his hands on his abdomen and murmured, “I had forgotten about abdominal breathing. I used to be a singer.”

He required little prompting – he felt relaxed and the memories flowed easily.

He sketched his story of wanting to be a professional singer in the 1960s, a time of television variety shows and performing onstage at ballroom dancing venues. Although he saw the opportunities of what could be, his father disapproved of his dream indicating that this was no way to make a living. Within time, his love of singing receded into the background as work, marriage, children and a mortgage took centre stage.

“Start singing again,” I quietly urged him. “Music is healing and with everything that you are going through, you need to feed your soul.” He nodded. He liked the idea.

Connecting with your soul brings you peace and tranquility – these feelings are nourishing and nurturing at anytime – and especially when dealing with the busyness and challenges of life.

Your soul is the sacred space within you that is knowing, loving and truthful. Dipping into this gentle inner space creates happiness in your heart and brings a sparkle of fresh energy to each day.

When you are disconnected from your soul, you lead from your head and allow your thoughts to take charge. And the result? Your days may be punctuated by a range of negative emotions, such as being judgemental, angry, discontent, controlling or fearful, and these fuel equally negative actions and reactions.

Life takes on a different perspective when you change your focus and start allowing your soul and intuition to be your guide.


1… Nourish your body

View your body as an amazing gift by eating healthy and wholesome foods.

2… Listen to music you enjoy¬†

Music soothes your nervous system and shifts your mood, creating a positive view of  life.

3… Smile and laugh

Smiling and laughing release ‘feel-good’ hormones (endorphins) so you feel relaxed and happy, and having a bright outlook enables you to connect more easily with people.

4… Movement

Going for a walk in nature, doing yoga or dancing to music in your own carefree style release endorphins which boost your feelings of wellbeing. Physical activity also improves your health.

5… Be in the present moment

When you stop and sigh away any concerns, your will see the present moment with greater clarity and gratitude.

6… Meditation

In the stillness of meditation, you connect more deeply to your soul and allow your intuition to guide you. When this happens, you view your world differently, appreciate life, make good decisions, and feel happier and content.

There are many other ways to feed your soul – all you need to do is to tap into the inner knowingness within and reflect on what makes you feel peaceful, happy and vibrant about life. Then act on whatever ideas emerge – they are exactly what you need at that time.

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