How do you welcome each day?

The moment you wake up in the morning are you filling your mind with everything you want to do or replaying the stories of what happened yesterday? If so, notice how this makes you feel.

Perhaps you are eager to check your emails or scroll through the latest hardships sweeping Australia and the world. How does that set you up for the day when you are taking on despair, fear or outrage about the latest disasters or senseless attacks on human life?

You can take a different and more mindful approach that will take only a few minutes – or as long as you wish.



STEP 1: After waking up, close your eyes really gently and notice the delight of being nestled in bed.

STEP 2: Become aware of the gentle flow of your breathing and allow feelings of peace to flow through you with each breath.

STEP 3: Gently stretch your body and, instead of noticing any aches or twinges, have gratitude for all that your body does for you

STEP 4: Smile several times, enjoying the softness flowing through your face and lightness in your heart.

STEP 5: Tune into nature and listen to the birds chirping patterns of calls and responses. Such light, happy sounds are captivating and inevitably fill you with the energies of lightness and gentleness.

STEP 6: Come back to yourself and focus on your heart space. Dip into its softness. Then affirm what you would like for your day. You don’t need to think about this – you simply allow your inner voice or intuition to lead the way and finish the phrase: ‘May I be filled with…’

STEP 7: As you sit with your intention for a few moments or more, notice how it boosts your outlook about yourself and the day ahead.


When you are centred and feel quiet within, you act and see things differently. When you think about what you wish to accomplish during the day you feel calm and sure about yourself.

When you scan through the news, you are not taking on the drama of events or entering the ‘blame game’ directed at politicians or world leaders. For you know that you cannot change what someone has done but you can choose to act – rather than react.

During the day recall the gift you have given yourself of your affirmation.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed, take time to stop whatever you are doing, follow your breath into your heart several times and then repeat your affirmation, allowing it to flow deep within.

When you create a space of stillness, your body relaxes and you also see a situation with greater clarity, insight and understanding – and that is a wonderful way to go through each day.


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