Everything happens for a reason

I am delighted by my new-look website. Thank you to the equally delightful and creative CC from Top Five Designs for making it happen.

There is a story about this website that I wish to share with you..

Several months ago, I discovered that my previous website had a technical problem.

I contacted several freelance website designers who either ignored my query, or responded and indicated that they could fix the problem – but I never heard from them again.

As the weeks passed… I changed tact. I decided that my Meditation Pathways website could do with an update.

I contacted a few other designers and left multiple messages about wanting a new website. Still no response.

More weeks passed… then one evening I suddenly realised that the people I had been chasing were not meant for me.

I had allowed my head to take charge over this matter rather than tapping into my intuition that would have whispered ‘they are not ringing…they are not interested… keep looking’.

I also realised I needed the energy of a clearer intention – a creative website designer who would communicate with me.

The Internet search was quick that evening – I emailed Top Five Designs and by the morning I had a reply that CC was booked up until October but was happy to chat that day.

I would wait. I knew CC would be perfect and this was confirmed by her sparkling voice when we spoke.

She was incorporating a daily meditation practice into her busy work schedule so my website was appealing to her.

She started by solving the existing technical problem and then indicated she would begin creating the first stage of my new website in her spare time between other jobs and before going on holidays.

As the time nears for my website to go live, I know that I was meant to wait all those months so I would connect with the right website designer.

Thank you CC for your generosity of time and spirit – and for making me realise that everything happens for a reason and to always have a clear intention.