A personal and professional approach to teaching meditation

Small classes: only five participants
Experienced presenter: teaching mindfulness and meditation since 2007
Extensive meditation teaching qualifications: including the comprehensive two-year course from DRU Australia
Practical courses and low fees: making meditation easy and accessible


Small Groups

~ Beginners meditation courses

~ Intermediate meditation courses

~ Meditation for VCE students

~ Sound meditation with crystal singing bowls


Private Sessions

~ Mindfulness meditation for people with cancer

~ Relaxation and meditation to ease stress

~ Sound healing therapy with crystal singing bowls

My classes feature all that I like to experience during a course – small groups, a welcoming and supportive atmosphere, a sprinkle of fun and ‘feel good’ presentations.


You will learn:

  • How to ease your chattering thoughts
    … you feel positive, calm and creative when your mind is quiet
  • Simple ways to release stress
    … you flow through your day when you ‘live’ in a relaxed body
  • How to master your emotions
    … as you become more resilient, you act rather than react
  • How to integrate mindfulness into your day
    … you appreciate life when you are in the present moment
  • A range of easy meditations
    … you choose which meditations work best for you
  • The science and psychology of meditation
    … all theory is based on research evidence

A personal reflection

Thank you for visiting Meditation Pathways…

As a journalist for 40 years, I was always fascinated by people’s life stories.
Now, I feel privileged when teaching meditation to hear how people are creating change and starting to weave their new life story.

I remember the moment I decided to learn meditation. I had been interviewing an actor who confided that he had started meditating and he felt absolutely amazing. His quiet enthusiasm was compelling.

Since early 1990, I have studied various approaches and completed several meditation teacher training courses, including the two-year program from DRU Australia. I established Meditation Pathways in 2007, knowing that my life purpose is to teach meditation.

Complementing my passion for meditation is my fascination with the science of vibration and the healing power of sound through voice, mantra and the crystal singing bowls. I have a Certificate IV in Crystal Sound Therapy and completed the two-year DRU sound and mantra course.

I truly ‘live’ the benefits that meditation and sacred sound bring to my life – feelings of stillness and peace, clarity for dealing with life’s challenges, heightened creativity, and the unlimited potential for personal and spiritual growth.

I look forward to sharing the beautiful meditation journey with you.


Contact us if you have any questions or wish to make a booking
We look forward to sharing the meditation journey with you