Private Sessions

Meditation for people dealing with cancer, stress or anxiety

Private meditation lessons: these are particularly beneficial when you are dealing with health problems or life is challenging

Nurturing your needs: a program is specifically created for you, comprising simple and effective practices

A comprehensive approach: using numerous modalities including relaxation, meditation, creative visualisation and sound healing

Mindfulness meditation for people with cancer

Mindfulness and meditation have been shown to promote calmness, boost emotional wellbeing and reduce fatigue in people with cancer.

Assisting people when they are first diagnosed and during their treatment, using a combination of approaches including relaxation, meditation, creative visualisation, the energies of sound and affirmations.

Having attended Eileen's meditation classes for over 10 years, I knew she could help me when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. During private sessions, Eileen guided me through specific meditations and creative visualisations that enabled me to cope with the months of treatment, especially the 'cold cap' procedure to prevent total hair loss. Using these practices relaxed my mind and also gave me a feeling of control over my body which was important during this challenging time.

Relaxation and meditation to ease stress and anxiety

In the whirl of life, children and adults can experience and exhibit feelings of stress, fear, anger, restlessness and frustration.

When you make the time to stop and bring your body, mind and emotions into balance. you experience feelings of peace and wellbeing, and help to build emotional resilience.

Working with students of all ages and adults to assist them to connect with the present moment and bring calmness, clarity and insight into their daily life. They also  come to recognise that their thoughts are not really what is happening, but simply stories they create.

After attending private lessons for a term, my twelve-year-old son and I have continued to make meditation part of our daily life. The moment we enter Eileen's studio, we feel calm and peaceful. Eileen make us feel so welcome and adapts her teaching style to what we require.
LISA, mother of four boys

Sound healing therapy with the crystal singing bowls


During this gentle healing journey, you may experience personal changes or  ease health issues like pain, depression, insomnia, low energy, anxiety or stress.

The two-hour session has several stages – identifying what you are seeking from your life, choosing a chakra (this will become the focus for your healing) and receiving a personal affirmation.

Then you relax deeply to the pure tones of the crystal singing bowls to bring balance to your body, mind and soul.

Crystal sound therapy brings together ancient wisdom and modern science to enhance health and emotional wellbeing and inspire self-discovery.


The sounds of the crystal singing bowls bring the beautiful energies of light, health, balance and harmony into your home.

The two-hour session involves identifying the heart of your home and creating an affirmation based on your dreams and aspirations for your home.

The crystal singing bowls are played in the heart space and through the house to clean, clear and uplift the energies.

In this renewed atmosphere, you experience greater clarity and feel more optimistic and peaceful.

I never imagined sound would have such a profound effect. My thoughts just float away on the sounds and vibrations of the crystal singing bowls. It is a wonderful feeling to be snuggled in such a deep and quiet inner space.
JEN, human resources


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