Meditation Workshops

Relaxation, mindfulness and sleep soundly workshops

Each 90-minute workshop: presenting a comprehensive approach to a particular theme

For participants: exploring simple practices that they can easily bring into everyday life

The workshop experience: for community organisations and friends wanting to share a special time together

Sleep Soundly Workshop

In this popular workshop, participants learn how to ‘switch off’ their mind, relax deeply and use their senses to ease into sleep. Participants receive the Drift into Sleep CD, as heard on Qantas inflight entertainment.

Stepping into Mindfulness

This introductory session presents easy ways of bringing the joy of mindfulness into daily life – through movement, the senses and the physical body.

Relax Deeply

A lovely nurturing session where participants are gently guided to ‘let go’ of stress and challenging situations through relaxation, meditation and creative visualisation.

Boost Energy and Confidence

A transformational workshop comprising movement, ‘power’ postures, meditation, affirmations, gratitude and creative visualisation.

Create Calmness

An interesting insight into the mind by identifying thought patterns, recognising the power of thoughts, and exploring practices that quieten the mind to bring peace and tranquility.

Honouring You

A nurturing time for connecting with your heart, showering yourself with loving kindness, and celebrating your wisdom and inner beauty.


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