Beginners and Intermediate Meditation Courses

Making meditation simple and enjoyable

During a six-week course, you discover easy ways to bring mindfulness into everyday life and connect with the present moment.

In our small classes, with a maximum of five students, you are skilfully guided to restore balance to your body, mind and emotions, and flow into the stillness of meditation.

You experience how meditation reduces stress and anxiety, quietens your mind and promotes calmness and happiness.

Meditation for Beginners

Learn how to flow through life with ease at the Meditation for Beginners course in Noosa Heads suitable for adults and teenagers.

The course is practical in approach with the focus on being in the present moment and experiencing the wellbeing benefits of ‘living’ in a relaxed body and quietening your busy mind.


  • Mindfulness of your body and breath
  • The wonder of your sensory world
  • Stress busters to create calmness
  • Body scanning and relaxation to release tension
  • A variety of meditations
  • Touching the stillness within
Eileen is an amazing teacher with wonderful energy. She presents a very comprehensive beginners course.
ALISON, manager

Intermediate Meditation

Enjoy expanding and deepening your meditation practice at an Intermediate Meditation course.

During each session, you are gently guided to let go of your busy day and chattering mind, and rest in the inner quietness and stillness.

The theme each term is explored with practices of mindfulness, relaxation, the physical body, pranayama, subtle energy, sound and creative visualisation.

As you develop concentration and stillness during a meditation, you touch the essence of your true self – and connect to your intuition, inner wisdom and creativity, and feelings of love, peace, understanding and acceptance.

My body and mind love coming to meditation with Eileen and the group. I find it a very affirming, positive time and I always return home feeling challenged, empowered and decisive. I think of it as an oasis, a renewal in my busy life.
CAROLYN, teacher


Meditation Pathways in Noosa Heads
presents day and evening meditation courses, with some available on Zoom.