Be mindful even when you are busy

A month may have passed but I still have an impressive burn mark on my arm – it happened as I was taking a cake out of the oven and the bottom of the tin slipped out on an angle.

Was I in the moment when it happened? Probably not. I was in a hurry and also wondering if the cake would be tasty.

This was one of those last-minute cakes based on a recipe from a google search that met the criteria of  containing ingredients I already had in the pantry and fridge. The cake was for someone who had messaged me the previous evening that he was available to share his expertise on the ongoing saga of creating a new meditation space… so  the least I could do was to bake him a cake as a small ‘thank you’ for his time.

Afterwards, I reflected how there had been a sense of urgency in all I had done that morning. Though I only realised this later as I remembered how I  kept checking my watch to see if I was on schedule.

The incident certainly highlights the importance of being in the moment, especially at this busy time of year… so take a few minutes to consider the following…

Five easy ways to bring mindfulness into your day.

1.FOCUS on what you are doing during daily routines, like cleaning your teeth, washing your hands and having a shower. Notice the sensations of water, textures and scents.

The same applies to those numerous everyday chores – be mindful as you wash dishes, dust or hang our washing by connecting with the range of sensory perceptions and giving your mind a rest from the whirling thoughts.

2. STOP AND BREATHE when you feel stressed or overwhelmed.

Feel the sensation of the in-breath flowing through you. Then sigh or breathe out gently. Do this sequence several times – and notice your body releasing and softening, and your mind becoming clearer.

3. SMILE and feel softness flowing through your face and your mind becoming quieter.

Feeling more balanced within enables you to choose how you wish to feel about what is happening at any particular moment. It is also the perfect time to ask yourself: ‘is this situation worth worrying about?’ And… usually it isn’t.

4. WAITING in a queue is the ideal time to bring your body and mind into balance.

Focus for several moments on the soles of your feet connecting to the floor and become aware of feeling more grounded. And, on days when your legs and feet are tired and sore, view them kindly and with a sense of gratitude for all they do in taking you wherever you wish to go.

5. TAKE TIME when socialising and really taste what you are eating or drinking.

Be mindful when having your first two bites of food or your first two sips of a drink – or do this for both. It is about noticing the sensory sensations of taste in your mouth. Also, consider making mindful eating and drinking a  daily practice whenever you are having a meal.

On days when you feel that you are tight for time as I thought I was on that day of the incident… make your own health and wellbeing your priority by bringing mindfulness moments into your day, accept that certain things take longer to do than you imagine, be kind to yourself by working at a pace that suits you, and affirm to yourself: ‘everything is working out well’ – and it always does.

As for my blueberry cake, it was rather delicious!

You can start or continue your mindfulness meditation journey in February, 2019
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