Addicted to sound

Crystal singing bowls are addictive – in a good way, of course.

The more I play them, the more I keep discovering their soothing and healing energies.

Recently, I have been devoting several sessions a week to playing one particular crystal singing bowl and also toning while playing – what a dynamic combination!

A crystal singing bowl is tuned to the note of a particular chakra and there are specific mantras for the individual chakras that help to activate them. The resulting energy is magnified and truly amazing to experience.

For instance, the week that I played the F bowl for the heart chakra and chanted the relevant mantra, feeling of softness and gentleness filled me completely and I seemed to flow through the day. During one session, I felt the concerns of life just fluttering away on the waves of sound.

When I played the E bowl for the solar plexus (the centre of personal power), the toning just seemed to erupt from deep within me – the mantra sounded strong yet it was effortless to do. The tones flowed out, one after the other. And at the end of each session, I felt centred and my inner strength was renewed.

Although I have been playing the crystal singing bowls for several years, it is only since I began studying for a Certificate IV in Crystal Sound Therapy that I have really connected with the potential of the healing power of sound.

Perhaps you are wondering how sound can be used for healing. Well, everything in the universe – including your body – vibrates and produces a sound frequency.

When you are in good health, everything in your body vibrates in harmony. Conversely, when you are sick, a particular part of your body is vibrating out of harmony.

Sound is also an energy that can change a vibrational rate. If a part of your body is vibrating out of harmony, it is possible to use sound to create the correct frequency your body needs to become harmonious and then hopefully you are healthy again.

The concept of sound healing is not new – evidence of using sound and chants to heal the sick dates back to the times of the ancient Egyptians and the Australian Aborigines.

In more recent years, scientist from America’s National Institutes of Health discovered that people who listened to classical music before a stressful event recovered quicker that those who listened to the sounds of rippling waves or relaxed in a quiet space.

An enthusiastic advocate of sound healing was the late Dr Mitchell Gaynor, a New York oncologist and integrative medicine specialist. In addition, to using conventional medicine, he taught patients to use singing bowls to help heal themselves. He said when patients were relaxed, they had lower stress hormones, stronger immune systems and could better cope with the psychological and physical effects of their disease and treatment.

You can soothe your mind, body and soul at a sound bath with the crystal singing bowls. Sound sessions to raise funds for Bowel Cancer Australia are on Sunday 19 November at 10.30am, Wednesday 22 November at 7.45pm, Sunday 26 November at 7pm and Saturday 2 December at 2pm, in Donvale / Doncaster East. (The session on Monday 27 November is booked out.)

Donation: $25 (Donations are tax deductible. Receipts issued by Bowel Cancer Australia.)

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